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No. 6 (279)
June 2018

Small déja vu
The 12th Vodka Tasting organized by the nationwide trade magazine “Rynki Alkoholowe” is already behind us. The best products in a given category were selected and awarded on Friday, May 25, in Toruń at Gotyk Hotel. Several similarities to the previous tasting could be easily found in this year’s event. The brand Starka 30 Banquet won confidently in flavoured vodkas and flavoured spirit products last year. This time, the brand Starka 35, which gained the most jury points in the price category above 35 zloty, as well as throughout this year’s tasting, followed suit. The brand Gin Charley from the AWW Group’s portfolio won the medal among the “tasters” in the price up to PLN 35. The producer could be doubly happy, because was also awarded with the second medal in the special category “For courage, good composition and following global trends.”This is the award for creating the Bitter Laufhund herbal liqueur. Żołądkowa de Luxe from the Stock Polska Sp. z o.o,’s portfolio, after the points awarded by the jurors, won the gold medal in the category of pure vodkas. The tasting was traditionally “blind” so the jury did not see the samples of which brands and manufacturers they were evaluating. Vodkas and spirit products, produced by the following manufacturers, participated in the competition: Stock Polska Sp. z o.o., Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe, Szczecińska Fabryka Wódek Starka Sp. z o.o., Grupa AWW Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. and Polska Fabryka Wódek Old Distillery Sp. z o.o.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 6/2018
Beer, of course
The most consumed group of alcohols in Poland are beers. They create a market segment with a high level of knowledge among alcohol consumers, as well as among those buying beverages with alcohol content. The Tyskie brand, which was chosen by almost every second person, was first in unaided recall. The Żubr brand was ranked second, while the following brands took the third place with the same result: Żywiec, Lech, and Warka (36%). Aided recall is a measure that informs about the popularity of a brand. The following beer brands are the most recognizable and most frequently indicated here with the result oscillating around 70%: Żywiec, Żubr, Tyskie and Lech.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 6/2018
Beer time
At the peak of the 2017 season, 80 different variants were available in an average small-format store up to 300 m2, while three years ago, in the summer of 2014, customers could choose from “only” 65 different variants. It is worth noting that the shelf of beer shrinks by a dozen or so products in the winter time – stores mainly sell flavoured beers and shanties (cradler). However, regardless of the season, lagers remain the best-selling segment, and among them cheaper economical brands (such as Żubr, Harnaś, Tatra Jasne Pełne) are the most popular. Small-format stores up to 300 m2 are the most important sales channel for beer – according to the CMR data, they account for over 80% of the sales value of the category. In this channel, customers usually buy 1 or 2 packages of beer per receipt, and bottles are more popular than cans. If there is only one product on a receipt, it is mostly beer.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 6/2018
Variety of products, numerous contacts
Many months of work and preparation contributed to a great success of the 5th edition of WorldFood Warsaw. For three consecutive days, the exhibition halls were full of representatives from the production, trade, catering and technology sectors. During the event, several hundred businesses from Poland and 25 other countries presented their products. The alcohol industry also had its representatives.
This year, 140 products in 14 categories competed for medals and fair awards. Finally, 18 medals and 16 distinctions were awarded. Among the representatives of the alcohol industry, the awards went to: Gold Medal – Bock Cuvee 2013 red wine (Bock Winery), Mirabueno white wine, Blanco (Zielone Butelki), Chic Barcelona Rosé wine (Pereventura Family Wine Estates); distinctions – Barão de Vilar Moscatel to Douro DOC red wine (A Mesa), Cantine Losito red wine, Primitivo (Zielone Butelki) and the already mentioned beer Sen o Warszawie (Browar Bazyliszek).
Rynki Alkoholowe, 5/2018
Brandy in small-format stores
Brandy is one of the smaller segments of alcohol – in small-format stores up to 300 sq. m it is responsible for less than 2% of sales of all strong spirits. The low importance for turnover means that retailers do not attach so much attention to this category as to vodka or whisky.
In 2017, brandy could be bought in approx. 50% of establishments selling spirits, with the offer covering only approx. 4 variants of these spirits. The most popular variant in small-format stores is a 500 ml bottle. In 2017, 4 out of 10 consumers of brandy put this capacity in the basket. Compared to 2016, this capacity is losing importance to smaller bottles. The average bottle price of 500 ml is PLN 30, and a larger bottle of 700 ml costs PLN 80 on average. Brands from the former Eastern Block – Pliska and Słoneczny Brzeg (distributed by Ambra S.A.) have still the widest distribution in small-format stores. More demanding customers can reach for international brands such as Metaxa (CEDC) or Stock 84 (Stock) – each of these spirits is available on average in every third store selling brandy.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 5/2018
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