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No. 5 (278)
May 2018

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spis-2.jpg—    What do you do to enlarge your collection? Having such great number of exhibits it is probably difficult to obtain new bottles.
There are few potential sources to acquire new exhibits. Internet shopping is presently the main source, independent shopping or through the members of our forum: Herman, Knockando, Sigma and recently DB. This way we have purchased over 1,000 miniatures in the Internet shops in France, England and Germany for an amount of few thousand Euros.

Practically, it is the cheapest way to obtain new miniatures. For instance, my colleague, who lives in Germany, buys miniatures for us in a local Internet shop Weinquelle, brings them to Poland for rallies, where the bottles are collected personally. The price for a bottle, 5 Euro on average, in the Internet shop is our cost then. The similar class bottle in Poland would cost around 20 - 30 PLN. eBay is another source here, particularly when it comes to the older, latest or unique bottles. However, the rules of auction, competition and the cost of shipment to Poland of around 12 dollars per one bottle (the more bottles, the lower price is) are added here. Yet not all bottles appear on eBay or are just simply unobtainable because of speculative or high prices. Exchange between Polish and foreign collectors and shopping in standard shops in Poland and abroad, personally or through friends, are also the case here. Generally, it is not difficult to get new pieces anymore, except old Polish bottles, where there is little supply and high demand.
With Łukasz Czajka talked Joanna Jagusiak and Magdalena Pyzik.

Rynki Alkoholowe, 12/2008

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