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Pure vodkas - 2008/2009 Print E-mail
indicator.jpgAnother poll confirms the inclination of Poles for strong spirits, particularly pure and white flavoured vodkas. The last results show that this is still a very popular alcohol in Poland and when it comes to consumption frequency it is second just behind the most willingly consumed beer. It should be emphasised here however that in comparison with the last year, the popularity of pure and white flavoured vodkas dropped.

By the end of 2008, jus over 31% of people declared consumption of pure vodkas, whereas a year earlier 50%.
The latest series of polls confirmed the dominating position of the Bols brand in the category of white vodkas and vodkas in total. It wins in the tests of spontaneous brand knowledge. First the respondents were asked to mention few known vodka brands. The question was open and each respondent could mention few brands.
Over the course of the poll it turned out that the greatest number of these respondents mentioned Bols – 41,8%. Finlandia Vodka, the second when it comes to the spontaneous knowledge, gained 33,8% of indications. Sobieski Vodka with the result of 30,3% of indications was third.
It should me emphasised here however that actually the brand Sobieski reached the highest and considerably better result from other brands in the category of supported knowledge (85,1%).

Jan Garlicki, CBM Indicator

Rynki Alkoholowe, 1/2009

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