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Will it be another good year? Print E-mail
spis-4.jpgMainly the domestic spirit industry has the reason to be satisfied. The estimates show that in 2007, domestic Polmos Companies sold around 10% of vodka more than in 2006. Polish consumers purchased nearly 200 million litres of vodka and spent over 7,5 billion zlotys (to compare: we spend 7,5 billion zlotys on bread and nearly 5 billion zlotys on sweeties). When it comes to expenses on alcohol, only beer looks better than vodka – 10,2 billion zlotys). Greater demand for vodka is observed by the end of 2006 already. Sale of premium and imported vodkas as well as cheap alcoholic beverages increased. 

Sale of cheaper brands grew in value by over 7% and expensive ones by over 38%.  The market tendencies contribute to the great economic results of the greatest players in this segment of the market. The Central European Distribution Corporation Group, quoted in Warsaw and New York, is the example. The Company management anticipates that by the end of 2007, it’s sale profits shall amount 1,17 - 1,2 billion dollars. It will be by 24 - 27% higher than in 2006.

Krzysztof Kilijanek

Rynki Alkoholowe, 1/2008
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