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No. 6 (279)
June 2018

Stable niche of wine alcohol Print E-mail
In the study carried out by CBM INDICATOR, respondents are asked questions on brands of cognac and brandy most widely consumed by amateurs of this kind of alcohol, as well as the most recommended to friends. The results of the latest survey confirm the trends that have lasted for several years. The most recognizable and spontaneously indicated brand is Napoleon, which is mentioned, without any hint, by 20% of the respondents, while the knowledge of this spirit exceeds 55% of indications. The second place in the unaided recall goes to the Hennesy brand, which gained 8%, the third place belongs to the Stock 84 brand – (7% of indications). Napoleon, as already mentioned, also wins in the aided recall, followed by Greek Metaxa also pointed out by more than half of the respondents. It turns out that, like the year before, Napoleon and Metaxa are also spirits most recommended by consumers in the group of brandy and spirits, Hennesy was third place in this category. It turns out that the fans of brandy and cognac are particularly happy to recommend these spirits to their friends and family. Detailed analyses show that the respondents willingly reach for spirits from this group at home. Close to three out of four respondents drinking brandy and cognac gave such a response. More than 60% of respondents admit that they consume this kind of spirits with family or friends.
Important information for producers of brandy and cognac is the fact that fans of these spirits are not sensitive to changes in the price of the product. In accordance with the declarations of survey participants, high quality and flavour have the biggest impact on the selection of a brand according to nearly 2/3 of respondents. Their behaviour in the absence of a favourite brand in the store also confirms the loyalty of consumers. Close to half of the respondents indicated that in such a case they simply wait for the delivery or buy the same brand in another store.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 5/2017
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