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No. 5 (278)
May 2018

Ciders and drinks ready for anything Print E-mail
In the case of ready-to-drink low-alcohol drinks, Sobieski Impress (12%), Smirnoff Ice (7%) and Bacardi Breezer (6%) were the best in unaided tests. The same brands also achieved the highest scores in the aided test – Sobieski Impress (30%) was leading again followed by Smirnoff Ice (29%) and Bacardi Breezer (24%). Other brands were indicated spontaneously only by single respondents of CBM Indicator. Interesting is the case of Finland Frost, which although was outside the top five (17%) in the aided test, it was just behind the podium (3%) in the unaided test. In the case of cider, the results are very similar to those in past years. An unquestioned leader, indicated spontaneously by nearly half of the respondents, is Cydr Lubelski (46%). Also the support of this brand is highest among cider brands (68%). This is a great result against the competition. The second most popular cider is Somersby, which achieved the result nearly eight times lower (6%) in the unaided test . Although it was indicated by half of the respondents (50%) in aided test, it was still a non-threatening score for Cydr Lubelski. Other cider brands have more than doubled their results – Warka Cider is third in the unaided test with 4% and 19% in the aided test.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 7/2017
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