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No. 5 (278)
May 2018

India at the top of the rankings! Print E-mail
Whisky is good – this conclusion can be drawn on the basis of the annual Millionaire Club 2016 by the British magazine Drinks International. Of the 157 alcohol brands with annual sales of more than a million 9-litre boxes that were in the list, as many as 53 were whisky! Although this is the same result as a year ago, but the list of “millionaires” has shrunk since then, so the percentage is much better. What’s more, the top ten included as many as 5 brands of the “golden liquor,” and in the top fifty, as many as 19 of them! Just like last year, the list of “millionaires” is headed by the Jinro (Hite-Jinro) brand, namely the soju-category alcoholic beverage from South Korea. The second place goes to Officer’s Choice (Allied Blenders &  Distillers), despite the fact that it recorded a drop in sales. Interestingly, the next three places in the circle of the “gold liquors” are also occupied by the products from India – McDowell’s No.1 (Diageo/United Spirits), Imperial Blue (Pernod Ricard) and Royal Stag (Pernod Ricard). In fact, there are as many as 17 brands from India on the list! The Scottish Johnnie Walker (Diageo/United Spirits) is only in the fifth position of the list.
The Bangalore Malt (John Distilleries) Indian whisky brand also leads the list of the strongest alcohol brands with last year’s sales growth of as much as 82%! The results of other Indian products are also impressive: 8PM (Radico Khaitan) – 38% and Royal Challenge (Diageo/United Spirits) – 31%. The Scottish Black & White (Diageo) is just behind – 28%, Irish Jameson (Pernod Ricard) – 17%, and Japanese Black Nikka Clear – 13%. When it comes to drops, White Horse (Diageo) has recorded the greatest – by 23% and Old Parr (Diageo) – 21%, and the Canadian Mist (Brown-Forman – 14%.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 9/2017
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