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No. 5 (278)
May 2018

Packaging increasingly important Print E-mail
Consumers choosing pure vodka or flavoured spirits for many years are most often guided by product quality, price and flavour. These indications are understandable in consumer choices and have not changed for many years. However, it is worth noting that, year by year, the packaging attractiveness is the factor that is more and more important when choosing a given product. In 2016, the selection of packaging attractiveness was an important factor for 23% of the pure vodka consumers. Selection of this factor, against the previous year, increased by 11%. Attractiveness of the packaging is also important in the selection of flavoured spirits, where 24% of consumers said that it is an important factor for them. According to the respondents’ declarations, promotional packaging is important in selecting pure or flavoured vodka. Promotional sets with gadgets are chosen by 46% of consumers of pure vodka and a similar percentage of consumers of flavoured vodka. In the second place, in terms of the attractiveness of promotional packaging, ornate bottles were mentioned, which are well-responded by 26% of flavoured spirits buyers and almost the same number of pure vodka purchasers. Another very significant incentive to purchase is a limited edition bottle. About every fifth of pure and flavoured vodka fan chooses this option.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 10/2017
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