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No. 6 (279)
June 2018

Keep calm, it’s just mild wines Print E-mail
The latest survey conducted by CBM INDICATOR on the knowledge of brands of dry and semi-dry wines shows that Carlo Rossi has remained the best-known brand among Polish consumers since several years. Carlo Rossi is the most commonly indicated wine brand and unquestionably wins in the aided recall (73% of indications). Fresco brand was second in the unaided recall, while Sophia wine was second in the aided recall (indicated by more than half of the respondents). It is worth noting that, compared to previous studies from last year, the unaided recall of Sophia wine has definitely decreased – from 13% to 5% in the latest survey. Other wine brands highly recognized in the aided recall are EL Sol (44%) and Fresco (42%). Also knowledge of these brands grew in the latest poll. Carlo Rossi also remains a clear leader In the group of sweet and semi-sweet wines – both in the unaided and aided recalls. Kadarka was second in the unaided recall, and Fresco was third. Next to Carlo Rossi, Tokaj (62%) and Kadarka (60%) turned out to be the most popular in the aided recall.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 11/2017
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