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No. 5 (278)
May 2018

Meads and mulled wine Print E-mail
Mead was, according to tradition, a typical drink of Slavs and later Sarmatians. Meanwhile, according to the declaration of a representative group of adult Poles consuming alcoholic beverages, just over 15% of respondents know the taste of mead. And yet, according to popular opinion in Poland, it is still believed that mead is our national drink. Mulled wine and honey have warming properties and prevent colds, which is why they are an ideal drink for long, cold winter evenings. The most famous brand of mead is Kasztelański. The second place was Staropolski Tradycyjny, while in the third position with the same number of indications there were Klasztorny i Lubelski meads. The most famous and undisputed leader among the mulled wines has been Grzaniec Galicyjski for many years. The Staropolskie Grzane brand was in the second position, followed by Grzane Mnicha and Zbójeckie Grzane Korzenne. Every fourth consumer declares drinking this type of alcoholic beverages during family celebrations, at parties, birthdays and namedays.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 1/2018
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