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No. 6 (279)
June 2018

Sale of vodka in small format stores up to 300 m2 Print E-mail
Vodka is responsible for almost 9% of turnover in small format stores up to 300 m2. In December 2017, customers of a typical small-format store could choose from 49 flavoured vodka variants (5 more than a year earlier) and 36 pure vodka variants. Sales of vodka in small-format stores are dominated by two companies – CEDC and Stock, which in 2017, accounted for a total of nearly 75% of the value and volume of sales in this category. In the discussed period, CEDC strengthened its leading position and increased its share in the total value of vodka sales to almost 44%. Stock remains the leader in the flavoured vodka segment, despite systematically losing shares to CEDC. In the period from January to December, the company’s brands generated a total of 50% of the sales value in the said category. At that time, Stock’s shares in the sale of pure vodka remained at a similar level as in the previous year.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 2/2018
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