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No. 5 (278)
May 2018

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Gin Lubuski is the most recognizable among the gin brands in Poland. Almost every third respondent can identify this brand independently (unaided recall – 26%). In the aided recall, almost half of respondents declare that they know it. Spontaneous knowledge of the most popular rum brand fluctuates within a dozen or so percent. Bacardi, most often indicated by respondents, obtained an unaided recall index of exactly 12%. While in the aided recall, the recognition of this brand was declared by almost half of the respondents (48%). Malibu rum was in the second position, reaching a relatively high index in the aided recall, reaching 39%. Over 20% of respondents indicated the following rum brands in the aided recall: Havana Club, Captain Morgan or Stock Rum. In the unaided recall, only two tequila brands are indicated by respondents: Sierra Tequila (11%) and Olmeca (9%). As first in the aided recall, the respondents indicated brands, such as: Sierra Tequila (36%), Sombrero (16%) and Olmeca (13%).
Rynki Alkoholowe, 4/2018
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