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Degustacja 2016
Konkurs na trunek roku 2015
Konkurs na okładkę 2015
Wine is drunk in more than half of Polish households
According to a report conducted by GfK Institute, more than 55% of households in Poland purchased wine at least once (in 2014 by 54.9%). In terms of value, the increase amounted to 2.7%. According to a report by GfK, Poles buy wine five times a year on average. They buy about 1.1 litres of wine for an average of PLN 18.20 during one visit to a store. Presently, Poles buy wines in discount stores more often, i.e. 39% of the value of all purchases of grape wines. Hypermarkets (24% of market shares) represent the second type of stores where wines are bought, however, the interests of consumers in them is dropping. Next in the row are supermarkets (17%). When shopping, Poles preferred red wines (56%), followed by white wines (33%) and pink wines (11%). White wines have recorded the largest increase compared with the previous year.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 4/2016
Plans to limit the sale of alcohol in the country
Legislation limiting the sale of alcohol was introduced in June 2015 in Warsaw. The restrictions are currently planned in all major cities in Poland. A bill amending the restrictive rules for the sale of alcohol, which is to limit alcohol consumption, has already emerged. However, according to the warning of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, this bill will hit not only the alcohol itself, but also the stores - a few grocery stores in Warsaw, where alcohol prevailed in their turnover, have already closed down. The Polish Chamber of Commerce stresses that it is the trade that should play an important role in responsible consumption by controlling the sale to eligible persons. Therefore, the right way is to consider preventive measures and education, as well as control and enforcement of alcohol sales to adults.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 4/2016
The production of vodka increased in February
The data of the Central Statistical Office show that in February this year, the production of vodka in terms of 100% alcohol equivalent increased by 0.4% year to year and amounted to 6.77 million litres. The increase was also recorded in monthly terms, the vodka production in February was higher by 9.7% compared with January of this year.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 4/2016
We are still at the forefront of the biggest importers of whisky
As stated by the Stilnovisti company in its report, based on Scotch Whisky Association data, Poland is one of the 20 largest importers of Scotch whisky. Our country was 16th in the ranking. In the first half of 2015, the imports of whisky to Poland increased by more than 45% in value and by over 60% by volume.
On average, Poles buy whisky three times a year and during a single visit to a store they spend an average of PLN 55.30 on it. In the period from November 2014 to October 2015, at least 17.5% of Polish households purchased a product belonging to the category of whisky.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 4/2016
The beer from Grodzisk wants to conquer abroad
Grodziskie Beer, which returned to the domestic market last year, is planning to conquer the foreign markets. Potential importers from European countries, as well as from the United States of America and Asia contact the brewery. According to the representatives of the brewery, the Grodziskie Beer should reach abroad this year. In the past, the beer from Grodzisk Wielkopolski was available, among others, in Africa and China. After the presence on the domestic market for less than a year, the Grodziskie Beer is mainly available in Wielkopolska, as well as in several nationwide retail chains.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 4/2016
Rum, gin and tequila in small-format stores
Rum, gin and tequila are one of the smaller alcohol segments – they are responsible for less than 1% of spirits sale in small format stores up to 300 square meters. Rum and gin can be purchased at around 40% of outlets selling spirits, while tequila is offered by only a few percent of such establishments. Even if a small-format store sells niche wines, do not expect too many variants of such alcohol on its shelves. Most customers can choose between two variants of rum and gin, but in case of tequila, there is normally no choice as the shelf offers only one variant.
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