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No. 3 (276)
March 2018

Poland among the leading manufacturers
The Brewers of Europe, an international association of the largest brewing organisations of the EU states (as well as Norway, Switzerland and Turkey) compiled statistics summarizing the situation in the beer industry in 2015. As emphasized by Pavlos Photiades, President of The Brewers of Europe, at the beginning of the report, beer is deeply rooted in the Old Continent – both in culture, society and economy, and the very brewing sector has a big impact on the economy of the European Union.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 3/2017
Sales of liqueurs, creams and bitters
The sale at small-format stores up to 300 m2 before Easter are growing by about 30% compared to the average of the entire year, but before Christmas, these increases are even higher (in 2015, amounted to up to 125%). Liqueurs are more popular in the pre-Christmas seasons in supermarkets (the stores from 301 up to 2500 m2), although seasonal growths, especially before the Easter holidays, are not as high as in the smaller stores. The share of liqueurs, creams and bitters in the total sales of alcohol is small – even in the best months it does not exceed 1% in the small-format stores and 2% in supermarkets. The better sales result is largely due to the availability – while the distribution of liquors reaches approx. 100% in large stores, it is approx. 50% in small-format stores.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 3/2017
Liqueurs and creams
Advocaat has been by far the most famous and the most rooted brand in the awareness in the category of liqueurs and creams for many years. It is still the most popular brand in its category and in almost all ages groups. Advocaat wins in both unaided and aided recall. The brand Malibu is the second brand of aided recall: 57% -– aided recall). Nalewka Babuni, Amaretto and Campari are also well-recognizable – the results of more than 40% of responses in the aided recall. The result of the unaided recall should also be emphasized here. The poll results show that consumers have a big problem to spontaneously specify known brands of creams and liqueurs – as much as 36% of respondents were unable to reply what cream and liqueur brands do they know without a hint in the form of a list of popular products in this category.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 3/2017
More beer and vodka, less wine
According to the Central Statistical Office, the beer production in Poland increased in 2016 by 0.5% and amounted to 40.73 million hectolitres. In 2016, the production of vodka also increased by 3.4% (a total of 98.2 million litres). The production of fruit wines, however, recorded a decrease (11.7%) – it amounted to 77.6 million litres.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 2/2017
Changes in law
Polish government prepared changes in the excise tax for methylated ethyl alcohol – the exemption for spririt methylated with the so-called Hungarian method, will disapear. Only the alcohol completely methylated with methods acceptable in the European Union or additional denaturing procedures permitted by Poland, is to be released from excise duty. Similar conditions to be laid down for the exemption from excise duty for imported ethyl alcohol , but officials will know about any of its import from the EU. Union of Employers of Polish Spirits Industry proposes further-reaching changes to completely eliminate illegal liquor from the market.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 2/2017
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