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No. 5 (278)
May 2018

Officially in AICV
General Assembly of AICV – represents the European Union cider and fruit wine industries – adopted a resolution on the acceptance of Związek Pracodawców Polska Rada Winiarstwa (Association of Employers Polish Winery Board) as its members. This means for the Polish organization to participate in international discussions, exchange of experiences and building relationships that strengthen the position of the industry. AICV is an organization formed in 1968 in Brussel. Its main aims are to represent the interests of the industry in the European Union institutions, to take initiatives to promote cider and fruit wines, and to build a space for co-operation or exchange of experiences between the members.
Packaging increasingly important
Consumers choosing pure vodka or flavoured spirits for many years are most often guided by product quality, price and flavour. These indications are understandable in consumer choices and have not changed for many years. However, it is worth noting that, year by year, the packaging attractiveness is the factor that is more and more important when choosing a given product. In 2016, the selection of packaging attractiveness was an important factor for 23% of the pure vodka consumers. Selection of this factor, against the previous year, increased by 11%. Attractiveness of the packaging is also important in the selection of flavoured spirits, where 24% of consumers said that it is an important factor for them.
Sales of pure and flavoured vodkas
In the first half of the year, flavoured spirits accounted for about 25% of the sales volume of the strong spirits discussed, and nearly 20% in the supermarkets. Currently, it is more than 27% and less than 22% respectively. Undoubtedly, the market of flavoured vodkas is booming, which is also visible in the average number of variants available in the shop. Since 2015, the shelf of the small format store has expanded by as much as 20%. In supermarkets, around 65 variants of flavoured vodkas and about 55 pure vodkas are invariably available.
Poles consume more and more whisky
More and more bottles of “Scotch” come to Poland. According to data provided by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), 28 million bottles of Scotch whisky were shipped to Poland in the entire 2016, totalling £62.5 million. Compared with the previous year, there were increases in volume (by 15.8%) and in value (by 19%). The largest increase in imports occurred in the blended malt segment. The achieved result of 270 thousand bottles was better in comparison to the year 2015 by as much as 450% and gave a total value of approx. 520 thousand pounds. Single malt whisky achieved a slightly lower growth – the imported number of 650 thousand bottles is a better result by 60% since last year. In value terms, imports increased by 35.5% to over 7 million pounds. The smallest increase was recorded by a popular mixed whisky – by 14.5%, closing the year with approx. 26 million bottles. Its total value was £54.5 million.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 9/2017
India at the top of the rankings!
Whisky is good – this conclusion can be drawn on the basis of the annual Millionaire Club 2016 by the British magazine Drinks International. Of the 157 alcohol brands with annual sales of more than a million 9-litre boxes that were in the list, as many as 53 were whisky! Although this is the same result as a year ago, but the list of “millionaires” has shrunk since then, so the percentage is much better. What’s more, the top ten included as many as 5 brands of the “golden liquor,” and in the top fifty, as many as 19 of them!
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