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No. 5 (278)
May 2018


Sake is the most popular and most famous liquor from Japan. However, the number of its producers is steadily decreasing. Today, there are around 1,500 sake breweries in Japan, before the second world war there were 7,000 of them. The very export of this liquor, also the most expensive varieties, is constantly growing. The largest importer is the United States. However, sake is not the only liquor from Japan. It is worth mentioning here the Shōchū, i.e. vodka, usually made from yams, rice or barley. According to Japanese law, the alcohol content in it should not exceed 36%. In Poland, this alcohol would no longer be considered „full-fledged vodka.” Another popular drink in Japan is Umeshu – a liqueur usually containing up to 17% alcohol produced by macerating Ume fruit (Japanese apricot). They bloom in February and are harvested in June. Cane sugar is also used to make the beverage. Wines are also produced on the basis of the Ume fruit. The largest Umeshu producer in Japan is Choya, founded in 1914 in Osaka, which is also a partner of the Polish Association of Bartenders.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 8/2017

Sale of alcohols in small-format stores and supermarkets
Alcohols are undoubtedly one of the key product categories for small-format stores up to 300 m2. Beer, vodka, whisky and other alcoholic beverages appear in almost every third shopping basket, and generate 25% of turnover. Alcohols also play a role in supermarkets (301-2500 m2) , but their share in the number of transactions (around 18% of receipts) and total sales (slightly over 10% in July 2016 – June 2017) are much lower than in smaller establishments.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 8/2017
Cider and RTD – how and where to sell holiday liquors?
What connects consumers of cider and RTD drinks? These are expectations about the packaging of both categories of alcohol. A promotional kit with a gadget, which encourages for the purchase of a specific brand, is considered the most attractive package for ready-made drinks as well as ciders. In the case of RTD, 35% of respondents declared it, and 30% of respondents declared it for cider. The second most common type of packaging, namely the ornate bottle, reached almost the same results for both categories. Every fourth consumer of cider and RTD replied this way (ciders – 24%; RTD – 23% of indications). Also a multi-pack was in the third place, among the most attractive cider and RTD packages. More than one in five cider lovers (21%) and over every seventh RTD fan (15%) supported this type of packaging.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 8/2017
Fourth Congress of Spirit Industry
Equal to all and friendly legal environment, the fight against the grey zone and the need to promote responsible consumption of alcohol are the most important demands made during the Fourth Congress of Spirit Industry held at the Ministry of Finance in Warsaw. The organiser of the event was the Union of Employers of Polish Spirit Industry and the Polish Chamber of Commerce.
The spirits industry is an important part of the Polish economy. In contributes over PLN 12.5 billion annually to public finances, mainly from excise and VAT. It employs directly over 5 thousand, and indirectly 89 thousand people. The production of spirits is used to manage the surplus of agricultural produce: 750 thousand tonnes of grains and 50 thousand tonnes of potatoes are processed annually. Exports of Polish spirits bring more than PLN 700 million annually.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 7/2017
Ciders and drinks ready for anything
In the case of ready-to-drink low-alcohol drinks, Sobieski Impress (12%), Smirnoff Ice (7%) and Bacardi Breezer (6%) were the best in unaided tests. The same brands also achieved the highest scores in the aided test – Sobieski Impress (30%) was leading again followed by Smirnoff Ice (29%) and Bacardi Breezer (24%). Other brands were indicated spontaneously only by single respondents of CBM Indicator. Interesting is the case of Finland Frost, which although was outside the top five (17%) in the aided test, it was just behind the podium (3%) in the unaided test.
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