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No. 6 (279)
June 2018

Stable niche of wine alcohol
In the study carried out by CBM INDICATOR, respondents are asked questions on brands of cognac and brandy most widely consumed by amateurs of this kind of alcohol, as well as the most recommended to friends. The results of the latest survey confirm the trends that have lasted for several years. The most recognizable and spontaneously indicated brand is Napoleon, which is mentioned, without any hint, by 20% of the respondents, while the knowledge of this spirit exceeds 55% of indications. The second place in the unaided recall goes to the Hennesy brand, which gained 8%, the third place belongs to the Stock 84 brand – (7% of indications).
The sale of brandy in small-format stores and supermarkets
Brandy is one of the smaller segments of spirits – in small-format stores up to 300 sq. m. it is responsible for less than 2% of the sales of all strong spirits, and in supermarkets to 2,500 sq. m. for a little over 3%. Brandy is available in 47% of small-format outlets that sell spirits and their offer included an average of only about 4 variants of these spirits. In larger stores, the shelf with this category is a bit wider (the average of 8 variants), it is also hard to find any supermarket which would not offer any kind of brandy 30%). Ambra (Pliska and Słoneczny Brzeg brands) - its shares in the volume is 27% of the market - sells most of brandy to small-format stores.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 5/2017
Poland the EU leader
Poland is the fourth producer of vodka in the world and the first in the EU. In 2016, more than 98 million litres of vodka were produced in Poland. This is an increase of 3% compared to 2015. However, this is less than in 2011, when more than 103 million litres of vodka were produced in our country. The market value of spirits amounted to PLN 19.1 billion with PLN 18.6 billion in 2015. The biggest export markets of the domestic spirits include: France (90 million euros), United States (26.9 million euro, Hungary (6.7 M euro), Germany (5.8 million euro) and United Kingdom (5.2 million euro). Polish vodka has also reached Canada in large quantities (3.7 million euros), Mexico (2.6 million euros), Italy (2.2 million euros), Bulgaria (2 million euros) and Chile (1.1 million euros). Last year, the average export price increased by 4% and the total export value of spirits amounted to EUR 176 million.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 4/2017
Whisky in a watch? Why not!
A bottle of Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862 – that is the oldest whisky in the world was opened on March 14, 2017, in Warsaw. The ceremony, during which it was made, is part of a remarkable and pioneering project called Whisky Watch. Opening a bottle of such old alcohol was possible thanks to the co-operation of the Polish company Wealth Solutions (specializing in the collection of rare liquors, works of art) and the Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet from Saint-Blaise, known for developing limited editions of exclusive timepieces with the use of rare materials and advanced technology.
Gin means Lubuski, rum is Bacardi, tequila is Sierra
Gin Lubuski is the most rooted brand of gin in the consciousness of Polish consumers. It was spontaneously indicated by 35% of the respondents, and by 63% of the respondent in the aided recall. Its dominance is well reflected in the result of the brand, which was second among the most common gin brands – Gordon’s Gin, which in the unaided recall was indicated by every tenth respondent (10%), and in the aided recall by nearly every third (29%).
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