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No. 11 (272)
November 2017

Small-volume bottles with alcohol will not be withdrawn from sale
The Ministry of Health denied that its intention was to prohibit the manufacture and sale of spirits in small-volume bottles – quarter of a litre. This information has appeared recently in the media. However, the Ministry intends to propose another amendment to the law that would support the persons subjected to drug therapy.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 10/2016
Poland is the largest importer of Moldovan wines
According to the estimates of wine importers, Poland has become this year’s biggest export market for wines from Moldova. Over a period of the first seven months of this year, 26% of exports of Moldovan winemakers reached Poland. This means that we are the largest export market for these wines. In 2015, with 14% share in exports we were third in terms of its volume, behind Russia and Kazakhstan. Poland is the only country where winemakers from Moldova will organize a promotional campaign. More than PLN 2 mln is assigned for this purpose.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 10/2016
Vodkas and their packaging
The most well-known pure vodka brands, spontaneously indicated by respondents, are Bols (47%) and Finlandia (45%). The high score in the spontaneous knowledge test were also achieved by: Absolwent (26%), Sobieski (26%), Wyborowa (25%), and Smirnoff (23%). In the assisted knowledge test, the two most popular brands swapped places, so Finlandia took the highest position (70%), closely followed by Bols (68%). The following brands are just behind them in the assisted knolwedge test of pure vodkas: Absolwent (52%), Sobieski (49%), and Wyborowa (49%). Smirnoff also had a high score (47%) among the assisted knowledge indications. So, the leaders of pure vodka brands – Finlandia and Bols – achieve the highest results among the spontaneous and assisted indications.
Sales of vodka in small-format stores
Vodka accounts for almost 9% of the market in small-format stores up to 300 m2 and can be found on every fourteenth receipt.
Because of the importance of this category, as well as the continuous activity of manufacturers, who introduce new brands, variants and volumes, the vodka shelf continues to expand. In August 2016, the customers of a typical small-format store could choose from 42 variants of flavoured vodka (about 6 more than last year) and 34 variants of pure vodkas (2 more).
The vodka and beer markets after seven months 2016
Although in July this year alone, the production of spirits declined in annual and monthly terms, it increased compared with the same period in 2015 within seven months of this year. As reported by the Central Statistical Office, the production of pure vodka per 100-percent alcohol fell 7.1% in July of this year (7.06 million litres) on an annual basis, and in monthly terms by 15.4% compared with June this year. The production of pure vodka during the first seven months of this year amounted to 51.5 million litres and was 0.6% higher than in the same period in 2015.
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