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No. 4 (277)
April 2018

Kasztelan Niepasteryzowane Pszeniczne awarded at international competition
Kasztelan Niepasteryzowane Pszeniczne, brewed in Sierpc, won a bronze medal in the South German-Style Kristallweizen category at the European Beer Star competition. More than 2,000 beers from 44 countries were submitted to this year’s 13th edition of one of the most important beer competitions in the world. The international jury of 124 experts evaluated them in 57 categories. The assessment consisted of characteristics, such as foaminess, colour, clarity, aroma, bitterness, saturation, aftertaste and fulfilment of the criteria of a specific beer style.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 12/2016
Sparkling wines and champagnes in the small format stores
Sparkling wines and champagnes is a category of spirits that is characterised by the greatest seasonality of sales – more than 30% of their sales in the small-format stores up to 300 m2 takes place in December. In the last month of the year, the share of this category in the whole segment of wines (including table wines, dessert wines and vermouths) rises to nearly 40% in sales volume and 30% in sales value, and in the remaining months, it is approximately 16% and 13%.
Don’t pour me a champagne, in other words the knowledge of brands of sparkling wines and champagnes
The latest CBM Indicator poll indicates that only sparkling wine brands are known to respondents. None of the brands of champagne obtained the result above 3% of indications. The two major brands of sparkling wines, with very similar results in both, unaided and aided recall, are the strong market leaders. These are: Dorato (unaided recall – 42% and aided recall – 61%), and Cin&Cin (unaided recall – 40% and aided recall – 64%). The brand Carlo Rossi also reached a high score (unaided recall – 31% and aided recall – 48%).
The illegal alcohol negatively affects many sectors of the market
According to the data from the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the annual direct and indirect losses of the Polish economy, incurred due to the production of illicit alcohol, amount to 141 million euros. The Polish budget losses nearly 47 million euros per year because of the unpaid excise tax from fake spirits. It mostly affects the producers of legal alcohol who suffer losses both in the sales, and they employ fewer people; there is approximately 2.8 thousand less jobs in Poland. Apart from them, the industries related to the spirits sector, such as agriculture and food industry, also feel the effects of the illegal production.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 11/2016
The record-breaking export of Polish beer
The Central Statistical Office reported that last year’s export of Polish beer amounted to 170.6 million euro in terms of value, i.e. by 19.8% more than in the year 2015. This means that 8% of the total domestic production of beer went abroad. By comparison, only 2% of the beer production was exported in 2004. Emigrants are among the factors of the growth of interest in Polish beers abroad – both those who just recently settled in a foreign country and the so-called old emigration, i.e. Poles living in the United States and Canada. However, foreigners, such as Dutch, Germans and Brits, also express their interest in Polish beers.
Rynki Alkoholowe, 11/2016
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