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No. 1 (274)
January 2018

Magic world of cigars
spis-5.jpgCigar is no longer a symbol of wealth and starts to become a product available for other new masses of customers. A noble alcoholic beverage helping to acquire a depth of flavour and aromas from cigars is a perfect additive to cigars. A glass of whisky or excellent cognac is a perfect supplement to the aromatic smoke.
Beer tournament
spis-4.jpgThe breweries from Austria and Switzerland prepared for intensified sale this year, although the number of fans visiting these countries may be in fact smaller than these, who came to Germany. And this is not a proof of superiority of the World Championships over the European Championships at all. We need to look for reasons in smaller stadiums, which are the arenas of this year’s football struggles.
Our strategy is based on investment in regional brands

spis-3.jpg—    It is commonly known that the Łomża brand is the main brand for Royal Unibrew Polska and one out of seven strategic brands of the Danish concern. Why?

The Łomża Brand as the only Polish brand from the Royal Unibrew portfolio has been incorporated into the group of strategic brands of the concern. Both the volume – the largest regional brand in the Royal Unibrew Polska offer – as well as potential perceived in this product determines it.

Vodka is our ice-breaker

spis-2.jpg—    Treating vodka as at least ambiguous good is also visible in the act on upbringing in sobriety and alcoholism counteraction...

There is no term of the parliament, more; there is no year without the actions tightening this act until total prohibition in Poland, although experiences with prohibition in USA are totally negative. And despite the fact that all alcoholic beverages contain the same alcohol, then in Poland different rights are applied, other in case of alcohol in vodka and other in case of beer for instance. Presently, 36 – 37% of alcohol is consumed in the form of vodka, whereas 53 – 54% consumes alcohol in the form of beer.

Growth tendencies of the Polish market of alcohols
spis-1.jpgSpirits, mainly vodkas, which make up over 80% of the spirits market, unchangeably prevail on the Polish market. Until recently, we observe growth in the market of flavoured vodkas and not only caused by the import of cognacs, brandy, tequila or gin, but also by domestic beverages as well. The growth dynamism of this market considerably exceeds the vodka market growth and last year it was around 20%, whereas the growth of the vodka market in this period was at the level of around 13%.
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