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No. 2 (275)
February 2018

Definition of wine

The European Union opts for maintaining the old definition of wine. The majority of eurodeputees approved the resolution. The definition allows naming wine also beverages produced from fruits other than grapes. The Agricultural Committee backed production of wine, commonly known as fruit wine and also approved addition of sugar. Polish members of the European Parliament were among the authors of the amendment.

Rynki Alkoholowe, 12/2007

Polish vodka is the centrepiece
spis-3.jpgWhen talking about the interests of the Polish vodka, I would like to emphasise here that we try to create oragnisations, which would be partners for decision-makers from various decision-making circles on the matters concerning the industry: legislation, tax system, solutions, which on one hand have an impact on a condition of enterprises in the spirit industry, on the other however correspond to the broadly comprehended society. It was the idea, which laid at the Association’s foundation. Then a draft of the statute emerged, registered without reservations. 
Peregrinations of the Polish beer
spis-2.jpgStill quarter of the century ago, the beer from the West was practically unavailable in Poland. Nowadays, not only the Polish shelves are flooded with the foreign beers, but also our beers are becoming more and more popular among the purchasers in the West. All because of the presence of Poles in the European Union, open employment markets as well as younger emigrants. The main players on the Polish beer market – Kompania Piwowarska, Grupa Zywiec and Carlsberg Polska, are presently fighting for the youngest emigration. Regional or even local producers seek their opportunity to increase sales abroad and they are successful in many cases.
Sparkling wines and champagnes
indicator.jpgThe difference between a sparkling wine and champagne is still small in Poles’ awareness. The results of the latest round of the polls, serially conducted by CBM Indicator, indicate that every third respondent (32.2%) drinking alcohol reached for a sparkling wine or champagne over the last quarter. Sparkling wines are much more popular than champagnes in our country. The respondents drinking these beverages usually drink Dorato (52.2%). This has been the most popular product over the last years and it’s declared popularity in the last test is, in comparison with the results of the last year, even greater. Nearly half of the respondents reach for a brand, which consequently occupies the second place – Cin&Cin (48.2%).
New absurd
spis-1.jpgIt is actually difficult to find a subject, which arouse so many emotions. It seemed like that nothing could surprise us this year. The labels with the warning about alcohol harmfulness absolutely rules on the list of absurd. Surprise, surprise: the initiative of Krystyna Rendecka, the advisor of the voivod of Łódź, astonishes us.
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