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No. 6 (279)
June 2018

Some memories about the spirit industry in the 19th and the 20th centuries
spis-5.jpgThe age of spirit liberties and inns by distilleries ended between 1861 and 1866, when an excise tax and a duty to deliver raw spirit for rectification were introduced in the country of tsars. Implementation of Siemens Control and Measuring Apparatus, so-called PKM in short and colloquially clocks (the excisemen used to write this name with capital letters to show respect!) was another obstacle for the access to local vodka. My colleague from SGGW, Janek Bojanowski, found such conversation of a land and distillery owner with a tenant (leaseholder):
Sobieski takes over distributor
spis-1.jpgThe Sobieski Group, the leading producer on the market of spirits, has taken over Multihurt Company, which reaches an annual income of 50 million PLN. The ninth acquisition over the last several months is a continuation of the strategy of a consistent development of the Group’s distribution chain. This transaction shall contribute to the growth of turnovers for the distribution chain of the Sobieski Group by 50 million PLN. An annual turnover of the distribution chain of the Sobieski Group after the acquisition, is estimated at over a billion PLN. 
EuroGastro Fairs – the best beverage

The twelfth edition of the EuroGastro Fairs, the largest and the most significant event for the HoReCa in Poland, will be rich in propositions for bartenders and sommeliers. There will be full of propositions perfectly known for the industry, also surprises and innovations. There will also be competitions accompanied by the show of the most outstanding coffee masters.

Rynki Alkoholowe, 2/2008

Trend towards wine
According to the poll conducted by ­ACNielsen, wine consumption in Poland grows. In comparison to the other European countries however, it is still several times smaller. It has been estimated that last year a total of 43 million litres of table wine were sold more than in 2006. This is nearly by 14% more. The beverages from the New World: Argentina, Chile and Australia are most popular among wine lovers. Trend towards drinking wine is ruling here. In connections to this, a number of specialist shops selling the grape juice, has increased. In the opinion of the industry experts, this trend will maintain. So far, the companies like Ambra, Grand Cru and Bartex have opened their shops specialising in wine sale.
Zero proMILA – the new action of the Polish Vodka Association
On the 13th of December 2007, a press conference of the Polish Vodka Association was held in the Marriott Hotel. The conference presented assumptions and details of the social campaign titled „Zero proMILA”, the aim of which is to draw attention of drivers to the drink and drive problem.
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