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No. 2 (275)
February 2018

spis-3.jpgInternet sale is increasing day by day. Sitting comfortably at home, we buy TV sets, washing machines and medieval things, even milk, butter and bread. Is it possible to buy a bottle of vodka via ­Internet? Internet delicatessen is not an innovation anymore. Their services are popular among residents of big cities. Cracow touched by traffic jams, is a perfect example of this. Instead of spending time in traffic jams, I sit by a computer. A delivery man emerges after two hours.
Socially responsible business: trend or necessity?
spis-4.jpgSince several years, all branches of economy talk about the so-called socially responsible business. The ideal of a responsible business, which for years has been successful in the Western Europe as well as the United States, is also being perceived in Poland. It also concerns domestic enterprises operating in the spirit industry, which contribute to its development. According to the report prepared by the European Union and the United Nations Development Program, Poland is the least engaged country in promoting the socially responsible business in the Central and Eastern Europe.
What’s new at this year’s Polagra?
spis-1.jpgOnce again Polagra took place between 17 and 20 of September 2007 within the frames of the International Poznań Fairs. On the first day, Wojciech Mojzesowicz, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, opened the event emphasizing its prestige and importance on the international area, especially in the Central and Eastern Europe. This year, the event underwent changes in its structure imposed by the development dynamism of the food market.
The Polish beer grows
It all indicates that this year stall be particularly good for the Polish beer ­industry. The initial data of the Association of the Beer Industry Employers ­“Browary Polskie” show that in the first eight months of the year, the beer sale in Poland reached 25.4 million hectolitres, what means that it increased by 12 ­percent.
Brandy and cognacs
nielsen.pngOne of the smaller, yet very interesting and dynamically developing categories is brandy and cognac category. Its total sale amounted to over 0.5 million litres, what gave 32 million PLN in the analyzed ­period since April to May 2007. At the same time, this category increased its sale by 13 percent both by quantity and by value – however this is a growth slower than the entire market of spirits, thus brandy and cognacs loose shares in it.
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