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No. 2 (275)
February 2018

Poles accepted Nemiroff
— How the co-operation of the Legro Company with Nemiroff Ukrainian Vodka Company has been achieved?
The long-term activity as an importer of alcoholic beverages has strengthen the position of the Legro Company on the international market, where its reliability and business solidity as well as the content-related knowledge of the Polish market have been highly judged. Surely, the mentioned factors as well as capability to introduce new products on the market had an impact on the positive attitude of the Nemiroff Company towards the proposal of the Legro Company on the introduction of the Honey Pepper vodka on the Polish market. The first business talks conducted with the export director Sergiey Dobrovolski in May 2003 bore a fruit in contract conclusion with a right for an exclusive import of the Nemiroff vodkas to Poland. The two vodkas, Honey Pepper and Rye Honey, which were introduced to the Makro and Real chains, appeared as first.
Spirit industry: we look ahead optimistically

The first data of the Statistical Office on the production in the two first months of 2007 leave no doubt – the spirit industry in Poland may be satisfied. According to the statistics, production of pure vodka per 100 percent spirit amounted to 124 thousand hl and was nearly by 13% higher than in the same period of 2006. Over the first two months of the current year, the production of fruit wines closed at 200 thousand hl (growth by 14%).
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